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Phi Brows microblading academy by Branco Babic is the leading and most experienced microblading school in the world, its name is highly recognized and reputable in the industry of permanent makeup because of the quality of training and products. The work of Phi Brows artists has the highest standards and is artistically most advanced compared to the artists of other training schools.


  •  Increase your income potential by providing an extremely in-demand beauty service
  •  Start your new career with exceptional skills and knowledge
  •  Continuous support
  •  Business essentials: Client record sheets, Waivers, Aftercare instruction sheets
  •  Advanced Premium Starter Kit to provide all the essential products and tools to start your career
  •  Phi brows artist title on completion of the course, unique artist logo, recognition on the Phi brows artist map
  •  Opportunities to grow professionally


  • Beginners in microblading
  • People who want to improve and advance their microblading skills
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“Joanne is an excellent teacher, she has a friendly, professional approach with great attention to detail. Joanne genuinely  cares about her students and wants them to achieve their full potential”

Harriet O ‘ Connor June ‘ 21

“Joanne was an excellent trainer, very patient from start to finish, she has so much knowledge in the industry. I just found the two days very interesting and would highly recommend this course to others”

Catherine Tuite June ‘ 21

“Couldn’t recommend this course enough, left feeling so motivated and excited about my new adventure”

Keeylynn Quinn May ‘22

“Joanne is a fab trainer, she shared so much knowledge and expertise, you answered every single question that was asked. Knowing that you are always there for guidance and reassurance even after the course has finished is a great help”

Denise Duffy January ‘ 22


Phi Brows Master Joanne Woods is an official Educator of Phi Brows in Ireland. Joanne started her Phi Brows journey in 2016 and is now providing training for students focused on qualifying as a professional Phi Brows Artist.

Joanne commenced her teaching career 9 years ago in 2011 as one of Irelands Elite HD Brow trainers. Joanne qualified as a Phi Brows Master in 2020. Joanne is excited to pass on her skills and expertise to students wishing to achieve their optimum potential in the most prestigious brow and beauty brand in the world Phi Academy.

Passionate about beauty, brows and having an ‘attention to detail’ personality has led me to the highest achievement in my career by becoming an official Phi Brows Master. I can give my salon clients the best aesthetic individualised result and my students the benefit of the experience that I have accumulated over the last decade in the semi permanent makeup industry. Shaping brows to suit the shape of each clients face shape has given me the confidence to pursue my career as a Phi Brows Master and the expansion of a growing loyal client base. In 2016 I acquired my own salon and also qualified as a Phi Brows Artist, this enabled me to increase my turnover very quickly. I chose Phi Academy as it is a high-quality world-famous brand with training that provides the highest standards and techniques in permanent makeup and other beauty treatments.

Today, 80% of my clients are Phi Brows and since opening the salon my client base has tripled. My business has expanded permitting me to now employ a team of 9 beauty specialists including, 2 Master HDBrows Artists and an award-winning skincare specialist. It will be my greatest pleasure to share with you my cumulative knowledge and experience gained during my microblading and teaching career.

Providing professionalism and dedication, I will support you through your Phi Brows journey. I aim to guide and assist you as you start on this exciting new career path. I will be here to encourage you to excel within your new Phi Family and help you to expand and succeed. Whether you’re a professional, looking to upskill, or simply trying a new venture, then join myself and the Phi Academy for an exciting future in this highly skilled sector.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Within the 2 face-to-face days, you have one practical and one theory day. After the 2-day course, we will continue to monitor your progress and give support in our online learning application Craft Master Pro. Craft Master Pro is our unique learning tool to support you further. The entire program consists of 12 levels of progress towards the microblading qualification supported by videos and lectures.

Craft Master Pro is the most advanced and modernized learning platform designed by the industries specialists to support our students after the 2-day course, because it is simply not enough time to mater this skill in 2, 5 or 7 days’ time. We give our students up to 6 months to master this skill and work with confidence. Teacher and student communication are also monitored by the academy; therefore, any unprofessional communication and guidance is strictly prohibited. Another benefit is that student is allowed to wait for the teacher’s response only up to 48h by academy’s policy.

After 2-day course students receive a Certificate of attendance. Phi Brows artist’s certificate is not received by the end of the 2-day course. Phi brows artist certificate is obtained when students have demonstrated satisfactory work for:

  1. Drawing hair on a skin simulation
  2. Drawing symmetry on a live model
  3. Drawing hair on a live model.

Student has to pass 12 levels on Craft Master application:

Level 1 –     Shaping on paper (practice)

Level 2-8-   Hair stroke practice on latex

Level 9 –     Eyebrows shaping on model using symmetry app

Level 10-11Microblading on a model

Level 12 –   Theoretical exam (online chat with the master answering theory questions from the question bank)

Usually, it takes 2-3 months of constant and everyday practice for someone to demonstrate satisfying skills in microblading, if a student will not spend enough time practicing it may take even longer.

We ask our students to have realistic expectations about learning and perfecting the skill of microblading as it is relatively difficult skill.  Perfecting this skill will take a lot of practice and determination.

Communication with master Joanne continues in a mobile application, where students show their work and get feedback from the master. Craft master Pro support is available for a period of 6 months. But Master Joanne will always stay within a reach even after 6 months period.

After certificate is issued (posted to home/business address), Phi Brows microblading artist is listed on Phi Brows global map: Once the certificate is issued, artist is included on the Phi Brows artist map

Group training price is €2445, private 1-1 training* is also available as an option this includes:

1)The Premium starter kit worth €1200 with the new Phi Brows stainless steel tools and disposable tools (see contents below)

2)An account in Craft Master Pro app. You will be eligible for 6 months support on your Phi brows course.

3) Lunch on both days.

*Private training only available in Louth; Includes 2 models on Day 2

Cork, Galway, & Louth

Microblading pigments:

Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden-brown, Fox, (5ml x 2pcs) 10 pcs total; Black, Yellow, Red (5ml x1pcs) 3 pcs total

1 x Universal Holder

1 x Skin Candy Selection & Phi Topic (6 pcs)

1 x Divider eyebrow shaping tool

1 x Pencil Set (2pcs)

1 x Scissors & Tweezers

1 x Disposable Tool (30pcs)

1 x Skin Candy aftercare

1 x Silicon Caps (50pcs)

1 x Latex printed (3pcs)

1 x 18U-PhiBlade 304 (50 pcs)

1 x Self-adhesive pigment container (50 pcs)

1 x Block Tonic Wipes 20/1

1 x After Care Wipes 5/1

1 x Asept Wipes(5pcs) &Make up Remover Wipes(5pcs)

1 x Stroke Marker

At the course one would have the ability to learn the following:

Day 1 – Theoretical part that comprises the learning about

  1. Conditions of the work, the way in which we protect ourselves and clients together with our material
  2. The manner of determination the skin incision depth as well as the pigment application
  3. Calculating the shape according to the proportions of the face by using golden intersection compass (1.618)
  4. Contraindications
  5. Different post-treatment actions according to the various types of skin
  6. Colour durability and maintenance
  7. Introduction with the pigments as well as their reflexion through the skin
  8. Practical exercises of drawing the shape on the paper
  9. Practical exercises of drawing hairs on the latex
  10. Different hair stroke flow techniques
  11. Use of Blade & Shade tool for combination brows (hairstrokes and manual shading)
  12. Insuring and licensing

Day 2– Demonstration of the technique with live models

  1. Practice of the preparation of shapes and symmetry on live models
  2. Digital determination of the symmetry using PhiBrows mobile application
  3. Practice of different configuration of the hairs
  4. Practicing right depth of incision, correct skin stretching
  5. Filling hair strokes with right amount of pigment
  6. Practicing different pigment filling techniques


Students are strongly advised to bring their own model for Day 2 as it will allow performing further touch up procedures for the better learning curve.

If you are unable to bring your own model, there is a €50 fee to pay upon registration to find a model for you. Please state this on Participant registration form which will be sent to you after the deposit has been received

Day 1:

09:00 Registration and signing of the contracts between Master and each student

09:30 Basic information about the course that would help the students to have the realistic expectation regarding the training and mastering the skill of microblading (duration of the course, support, obtaining the Certificate etc.)

10:00 Introduction to Golden ratio concept and eyebrow shaping

11:00 Break

11:15 Introduction to microblading tools

11:45 Practicing hair stroke patterns on latex

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Getting familiar with Craft Master

14:15 Health and safety, Contraindications, skin problems

15:15 Technical performance of microblading, pigment durability

16:00 Aftercare advice, instructions regarding retouch procedure

16:15 Break

16:30 Pigment selection

17:00 Questions and answers

Day 2:

9:00 Positioning students in a group, setting up workstations

9:30 Group 1 working on a live model

Group 2 practicing on latex and dummy

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Group 2 working on a live model

Group 1 practicing on latex and dummy

17:30 Questions and answers

17:45 Delivering certificates of attendance

By joining Phi Academy, you can be certain about your professional progression and development.

Becoming the Phi Brows Artist is your first achievement. The second achievement is becoming a Phi brows Royal Artist and possibly a Master one day.#